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IHYA MUDUN is an urban development company running operations out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and its partner architecture and design offices in Los Angeles, CA. Dedicated to the science of living and lifestyle, IHYAMUDUN aims to introduce new innovative urban development solutions in the Gulf central region.  Driven by exploration, innovation, and cultural responsibility, IHYA MUDUN is currently involved in developing new alternative middle/low income housing solutions and lifestyle environments for the purpose of alleviating the pressures of city life in cities like Riyadh and neighboring GCC cities by providing a much needed new horizontal and vertical housing typology. The company is working to supply the current Saudi housing demand with a culturally sustainable and economically practical housing model that can be implemented at a rapid rate. IHYA MUDUN has thrived to re-introduce strategies and design methods cultivated from tradition and local vernaculars ultimately towards returning neighborhoods and housing developments back to more culturally sensitive and community oriented living systems. 

The IHYA MUDUN Urban Development team is comprised of individuals that provide each project with a strong base of experience, talent, determination, and devotion to sustainable practice. At IHYA MUDUN, it is our inherent belief that a project will only be as successful as the care and attention that goes into its design and building phase, and we thrive for nothing less than excellence in all of our design - build and property development projects. Accomplished professionals allows for the design - build and property development process in all our ventures to move forward like clockwork. Project development with attention to a building's energy performance, technology, materials and construction methods, allows us to thrive towards achieving GSAS sustainability certification in all our development projects. Every project in a city affects it's peoples quality of life, and at IHYA MUDUN we understand this. A project must have a long-term positive impact on its built environment. Ultimately, it is our goal to make our projects work as catalysts to promote positive urban growth. It is the placement of activity and life that rehabilitates the urban condition. IHYA MUDUN Urban Development is devoted to the sustainable urban growth of today's future mega cities.

As a result of the rapidly growing population in Saudi Arabia, major Saudi cities have fallen victim to a severe traffic crisis and increasing unsustainable density resulting in a lack of open urban communal space. The distance of commute travel has now become an issue for many habitants of Major Saudi cities and is encouraging residents to seek more centrally located areas as opposed to living further away in remote master planned communities. The opportunity hidden in this traffic crisis and population explosion, is that developers may now focus on rehabilitating the older urban centers of cities in the Kingdom and give priority to more centrally located sites for the new re-development of the older central areas of the cities of Saudi Arabia.




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