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​Hada 225

Launched in 2012L

IHYA MUDUN Urban Development Company launches the Hada 225 Residence and Resort Development in the South Eastern area of Al Hada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Project will offer residents an authentic Saudi Arabian living experience encouraging community and sustainable living.

​The Hada 225 development, situated on 215,000 square meters of pristine view oriented property, offers all residents and guests a unique authentic community experience within a walking distance to the Wadi Hanifa. The aim of the project is not only to provide residents and guests alike the highest standard of a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle but also to encourage a strong sense of community among residents and guests. An international array of expatriate and local residents creates an international melting pot that which offers the opportunity to reach out and enjoy the company of a world of cultures and traditions. Community is key in an IHYA MUDUN Enterprise Urban Development and Hada 225 is where community comes together once again.

​The Hada 225 residence and resort offers all residents and guest world class amenities including enjoyable recreational programs and facilities fine enough to suite anyone recreational needs. A 9 hole 3 par golf coarse provides the golfers with breathtaking views of Wadi Hanifa and beautifully landscaped gardens and lakes though out the golf coarse. Joggers may enjoy a jogging path that meanders throughout the natural wadi that’s splits the development in two. Tennis courts, swimming pools and much more make Hada 225 one of the most enjoyable neighborhoods to call home in Riyadh.







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