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Sustainainable Development

Social,Economic & Environmental​

Earth Materials

Earth Hybrid Composites + Saudi Arabia

IHYA MUDUN takes pride in knowing that it incorporates sustainably selected building materials for its development projects. The IHYA MUDUN Urban Development Company ensures that only the finest materials are selected, that meets safety and code requirements. It is our aim to promote sustainable methods through its property development projects, as a means of making it a common practice to build with sustainable building materials. Alternative building methods today offer a solution to the current crisis many developing countries are facing.  The introduction of alternative building methods, promote a more sustainable lifestyle while also allowing developing countries to build more rapidly and more economically in order to meet their development needs.


IHYA MUDUN Urban Development celebrates the return to earth based building materials. As sustainable practice requires, a certain amount of effort and attention must be provided to the selection and specification of sustainable building materials when building any building or large-scale development. IHYA MUDUN has made it a mission to reintroduce the concept of building with earth as a common practice. In order to ensure that all building methods are safe and up to building code, Composite hybrid earth materials are mixed with high density, high compressive strength materials. It is required by IHYA MUDUN that only safety-certified sustainable building materials be used in development. All materials are tested to meet code building requirements and compression/tensile strength requirements in construction.



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