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Riyadh Central

Lifestyle District​​

IHYA MUDUN is conducting an urban analysis of the old centers of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The urban analysis is for the purpose of devising a strategy to rehabilitate and reintroduce sustainable family living developments in the old center of Riyadh Saudi Arabia known as the Dira Central District.

2013 Current Projects 


Resort + Residence Development

IHYA MUDUN Urban Development Company launches the Hada 225 Residence and Resort in 2012. The 215,000 squar meter development will offer residents and guests 225 living units, a 25 room boutique hotel, an array of restaurants, shops, amenities including a 9 hole golf course, views of the Wadi Hanifa and an authentic Saudi Arabian living experience encouraging community and sustainable living.

Al Kharj Plantation Resort

Commerical Retreat ​​

The northern zone of Al Kharj, prominently known for its agriculture, is undergoing a metamorphosis into an urban expansion effort as an attempt to accommodate the current housing demand in cities like AL Kharj. IHYA MUDUN is currently developing two major lifestyle destinations in the North of Al Kharj, with a combined total of 300,000 square meters of property development area. The project is a method of enticing further urban development of the North Zone of Al Kharj in order to establish a new urban center within closer proximity to the Neighboring city of Riyadh.


Medical Village + Residence

IHYA MUDUN Urban Development Company is currently working on a world class Medical & Dental Hospital and Residential Village that integrates the expertise of the finest International medical and dental specialist while providing a community style residential village.  The development will introduce a 50 operatory room building providing a wide range of medial and dental specialties, administrative facilities, a housing block for Doctors, aids, and long terms patients to reside and enjoy such amenities as a commercial promenade, recreational center, entertainment center, business center, and International style restaurant. The Development will also incorporate a 9000 square meter research and training facility geared towards providing Saudi doctors researchers with a state of the art facility for medical and dental research and training.



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